Why we created Fem Patch during COVID-19

We founded Fem Patch Co. in February 2020.  Definitely one interesting time to be launching a women's health company, right?  

Back in February, we wanted to create a company that developed novel technologies and engineered the next generation of products for women's feminine health.  It was frustrating that the tampon hadn't changed much since 1929.  However, COVID-19 and the devastation it has causing has put a new lens on what women need right now. 

We launched the Fem Patch platform as a TRIBE for women to purchase AFFORDABLE, HIGH-QUALITY, ECO-FRIENDLY  feminine health products that are DELIVERED discreetly to your home.   

No woman should be denied access to quality feminine health products EVER.  For every sale of an item, an equivalent item is given to a woman in need. In addition at the end of the year, we promise to donate a portion of our sales to a charity that our TRIBE selects. 

In this fight against COVID-19, our company has already donated materials including HEPA filters and medical supplies to manufacturers to help make masks for the healthcare workers on the front lines.  We will continue to contribute portions of our sales this quarter to help with these efforts. 

We continue to push for more innovation in women's health as well and will give our TRIBE first access to innovations.  

In these unprecedented times, join us as we make HERstory

Welcome to the tribe! 



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