Fem Patch Co Launches Partnership with TwentyEight Health

More than 19 million women of reproductive age living in the US are in need of publicly funded contraception and live in contraceptive deserts. Living in a contraceptive desert that they lack reasonable access in their county to a health center that offers the full range of contraceptive methods. Around 1.6 million of these women live in a county without a single health center offering the full range of methods. 

Recently, the team at Fem Patch Co had the privilege of speaking with the founders of Twenty Eight. Twentyeight Health is a  reproductive and sexual health start-up company founded by Amy Fan and Bruno Van Tuykom in 2018.   The company is focused on providing affordable and convenient access to birth control (pill, patch, ring, and emergency contraception).  Since the company launched in 2018, it’s expanded to five states and has aided countless women in getting birth control. The COVID-19 pandemic has given a new rise to the power of telemedicine and ensuring that women have access to care even in times of a pandemic. 

On the Twenty Eight Health platform, you can easily get a new prescription from a doctor or re-up your existing one, receive fast delivery to your home, and ask doctors follow-up questions via secure messaging. They donate 2% of revenues to Bedsider and the National Institute of Reproductive Health, national non-profits with the mission of increasing access and education to sexual and reproductive health. 


  • $20 online doctor evaluation (one-time)
  • Often $0 for birth control (pill, patch, ring) with insurance (including Medicaid) and starting at $16 per pack without insurance
  • Often $0 for emergency contraceptive with insurance (including Medicaid) or $30 without insurance
  • Delivery and ongoing messaging with doctors is free!


Currently available in NY, NJ, MD, PA, and FL (with more states to come!).  Fem Patch Co is partnering with Twenty Eight to offer our tribe access to affordable birth control.  Feel free to email us to learn more or contact the TwentyEight Health team here

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