#FWBW - For women. By women.

For women. By women.  

The history of women's feminine products is fascinating.  We went through the literature to try to understand how our modern day products came about.  The Smithsonian Institute has a collection of feminine hygiene products from American history.  The museum's collection is surprisingly small. 

It is fascinating to scan through photos of douches and sanitary napkins in their original packaging, with pictures of scolding nuns and nurses.  The images of menstrual belt gave us all the 'chastity belt' feels. Imagine walking around town with a steel or rubber cup tied to your waist to collect blood.   Sanitary bloomers made of rubber? No. Just no.  Most of these products were developed by men.  Even the tampon was engineered by a man,  a physician named Dr. Earle Haas in 1929. 

Not much has changed in feminine hygiene products during the last 50 years.   We want to change that.  We need to change that.

We are a team of scientists on a constant search for new technologies in women's health.  Part of what we do is travel around the world to uncover new ways women can improve their feminine health.  We uncovered a range of products including silk worm derived fibers with remarkable absorbency to devices that can test tampon blood for disease.

We are excited to share these discoveries and stories with you.  We also urge you to share your stories and discoveries with the TRIBE.  We want to carve out a new era of women's health - by women, for women #BWFW




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