Partnership with I Support the Girls


Recently, Fem Patch Co has partnered to donate a portion of all sales to the non-profit organization - I Support the Girls.   I Support the Girls collects donations of new and gently used bras, and individually sealed tampons and maxi pads and distributes them to girls and women experiencing homelessness across the U.S. and globally. Bras are considered a luxury and wearing the same bra for years causes health problems. Many times living on the streets means having to decide between buying a hot meal or a box of tampons. No one should have to make that choice! So far, more than 550,000 girls and women have been able to retain their dignity through our product drop-offs.

Since the founding of I Support the Girls, in 2015: 

  • Collected and distributed 741,000 bras
  • Collected and distributed 7,200,000 menstrual hygiene products
  • Worked with 1,800 vetted partner organizations
  • Partnered with more than 300 business and corporations to organize drives and collections

There are 216,000 girls and women living on the streets of the United States and millions more globally.  Teen girls do not attend school 3-5 days each month out of embarrassment that they cannot afford menstrual hygiene products. 

We are excited to be able to connect with the founder, Dana Marlowe and to be a part of this amazing mission! 

To learn more about I Support the Girls and how you can help further - visit them at 

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