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After giving birth, new moms experience postpartum bleeding, called lochia (think of it as a long, heavy period). Because you'll also be busy feeding and diapering your new baby, you'll want to be sure that you have comfortable and leak-proof protection.   Even if you normally prefer tampons or menstrual cups, your doctor will likely recommend that you avoid them until you've had your six-week checkup, as they can increase your risk of infection. Lochia can last for up to six weeks, although it's typically heavy only for about a week to 10 days after delivery. You'll see it evolve as it changes from being red to pink to brown, and finally a yellowish white. 

FEM PATCH POSTPARTUM PADS are thin and super comfortable with soft, cloth-like, latex-free materials. Yet, these are as absorbent as thicker pads so you feel dry all day despite leaks due to surgery or childbirth. Thin design makes for more discreet carrying as well. 

5 pads/order

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